Ape Yakitori Bar Restaurant in Newcastle NSW

New Restaurant Concept

Yokoso to Âpé Yakitori Bar, Newcastle’s newest and most fiery cocktail bar.

Introduced by the same team behind both Newcastle’s first and most successful Japanese restaurant, Nagisa, and Susuru, the citrine gem which, since opening its doors in 2017, has slotted perfectly into King Street’s crown of jewels, Âpé is rounding-out owner Taiyo Namba’s empire of restaurants with an entirely new experience.

Having already given Novocastrians a place to experience a full, contemporary Japanese menu and fine-dining experience, our team saw a space for a cocktail bar and the opportunity for a more dynamic environment and menu.

Honeysuckle Boardwalk

Âpé takes full advantage of its location on the Honeysuckle boardwalk, which opens visitors up to the best of the coast’s restaurants, clubs, museums and parks, and is therefore the perfect way to start an afternoon or evening in the Newcastle CBD.

Being right next door to sister-restaurant Nagisa also has its perks, giving visitors the opportunity to move between the two for a full dining experience. But make no mistake, Âpé is distinct in itself and has it’s own persona to offer.

Yakitori “Grilled Chicken”

Yakitori (literally translated to “grilled chicken”) is a traditional Japanese street food often enjoyed with a beer, and Âpé has combined the casual elements of the cuisine’s history, with a world-class cocktail menu and innovative architecture.

The bar’s dynamic atmosphere caters for a range of occasions and groups, and allows patrons to choose how they would like to dine. For those wanting to soak-up the boardwalk, outdoor seating is the way to go. For casual diners, there is bench-style seating, so food and drinks can be shared, or for those wanting to fully immerse themselves into yakitori-style dining, there is seating right in front of the grill.

Perfect For Every Occassion

These diverse range of options make Âpé the perfect place to start a one-on-one date night, host pre-drinks and starters before an event with friends, or for those out to impress, its seasonal menu and cocktail list is a great way to showcase the best of what Newcastle has to offer for newcomers or day trippers.

Âpé is first and foremost, a cocktail bar, and its yakitori-style cuisine provides complementary flavours to let our drinks shine. When perusing and ordering off our menu, think tapas, antipasto and hors d’oeuvres.


The menu features an array of small dishes with delicately-curated flavours which allow local meat and produce to be on full display. As such, the known and familiar elements of yakitori have been maintained, with bite-sized meats and vegetables served on bamboo or metal skewers and cooked over charcoal flames. We also take pride in, showcasing Hunter produce including local livestock, growers, distillers and brewers.

Local Suppliers

We also rotate a seasonal menu, meaning each experience at Âpé will be a unique one!

This season’s Winter Menu features premium Wagyu from the Newcastle’s Binnie Beef Warehouse, owned and
operated by the Binnie family, who have been a prominent presence in Australian Agriculture since 1835.

We are also proud to source pasture-raised chicken from Simon and his family at Little Hill Farm, as well as a range of seasonal vegetables from Lorn Rose Farm “Good Growers” Jo and Harriet.

Cocktails – The Koutetsu

What would seemingly be a striking contrast couldn’t pair more exquisitely; Âpé’s cocktail menu has been specially-crafted by one of Newcastle’s most well-renowned mixologists, The Koutetsu’s Chris Wilson, and features drinks such as the Sakura or “Cherry Blossom”, made with Bombay Sapphire gin, world-famous Dassai 45 sake, yuzu, honey and orange blossom water.

Âpé Yakitori Bar

It’s An Experience

Âpé will certainly fill the void for those familiar with traditional Yakitori, and its central location will make it easy for those who can’t resist, to make the pilgrimage time and time again. For those unfamiliar, Âpé can be experienced either as a place to stop and have a drink, or can offer a unique insight and initiation into Japanese drinking and eating culture.

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